Reminders and Notes

  • To all Students and Staff:

    1. Starting May 28 – June 3, we will not have the Breakfast Kiosk or the Second Chance breakfast for the HS students. You will have to come downstairs to eat breakfast in the cafeteria!
    2. June 3, 2019, No Deli/Salad Bar will be served only the Hot meal will be served to staff & students.
    3. June 4th- No breakfast or lunches will be served.
    4. Variety Pizza bars will be offered every Friday until the end of the school year.
    5. All Lunch Accounts that are in the negative status for students cannot buy Ala Carte items until your lunch account status is positive. All Adults please check to make sure your accounts are not in the negative and if they are please make a deposit. Cash, Checks and On-line payments are acceptable for deposits.
    6. Please return any silverware, cups, plates and bowls back to the cafeteria area. We have had 200 spoons vanish from the cafeteria since February. Students please check your lockers, desks, book bags, etc.… for missing items. Adults please check your desks, coat areas, and Teachers lounge areas for any of the above items and return to the kitchen. Plus students do not throw away these items in the garage container when exiting the cafeteria.
    7. Congratulations to our 2019 Senior Class!!!! Have a great summer and we will see the rest of you back here in the August!

    Thank you,

    Mrs. Berkebile