• Physical Information

    PIAA CIPPE Section 1-6 Physical Forms – needs complete before starting a sport. The student athlete and a parent/guardian should complete sections 1-5. Section 6 needs to be completed and signed by a doctor. Physicals will be given prior to the start of each sport season at the school or can be done at a family doctor. Please follow the high school bulletin for dates and times of the physicals to be done at school.

    PIAA CIPPE Section 7 Recertification Form – only section needed when an athlete is playing a second or third sport during the academic year and did not lose time due to injury in the previous sport. The form needs completed and turned in prior to the first day of practice.

    Example: Your daughter participated in a Fall Sport and is now going to participate in a winter sport.

    PIAA CIPPE Section 8 Physicians Release Form - must be completed by the attending physician before your son/daughter can resume participation in a sport or begin participation in a new sport.

    Example: Your son has a completed CIPPE form and then sustains a knee injury which requires visiting a doctor and in the loss of participation from the sport.

    *Recommended to take this form with you when going to any doctor appointment for clearance.