Mr. Mudry
  • Welcome to the Berlin Brothersvalley Elementary and Middle School! As parents, guardians or community members we welcome your active support and cooperation in our schools. With family and community support combined with our best professional efforts, we will ensure academic success for all children. The goal of our school is to provide each student with a challenging and rigorous curriculum appropriate to his/her academic level.  We believe that every child can achieve academic success.  We aim to provide every child with quality instructional experiences while maintaining high expectations for all students. 

    With parents and teachers working as partners, every child will succeed. Learning is hard work and in striving to achieve this, children need a support system to guide them along the path of success. We pledge to do what is best for our students in all that we do. If we accept and make real the pledge to keep children first, then it follows that education is our #1 priority.  A school community that emphasizes this will permit students to be ready, willing, and able to succeed!

    As the Principal of grades K-8, I am proud to work in a school district that puts children first. I encourage all parents and guardians to participate in your child’s education. The time spent with a child with regards to education is time well spent. Children need the nurturing and guidance of home and school in order to succeed. Our goal is to provide quality instruction in a nurturing and safe environment. We firmly believe that with the partnership of our families, our students can achieve greatness!


    Martin Mudry

    Elementary and Middle School Principal