• Bullying Statistics

    • 15% or one in seven children are involoved in bullying/victim problems. Of these children about 9% are victims and 7% are bullies
    • 90% of all kids will be involved in or witness a bullying situation and say nothing.
    • In a mid-sized school, bullying happens once every seven minutes.
    • The National Association of School Psychologists estimates that about one million children miss school each day for fear of being bullied.
    • By the age of seven or eight, bullies are already in the habit of misinterpreting innocent behavior as an attack.
    • 87% of the 15,000 grade four students surveyed by Weekly Reader reported being bullied.
    • One long-term study showed that 60% of the boys who were named as bullies in middle school had at least one criminal conviction by age 24.
    • The percentage of students who report being victims of bullying decreases with age. While 16% to 17% of grade 2 students reported bullying, only 3% of girls and 6.5% of boys reported bullying incidents by grade nine.
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