• Bullying Definition

    The definition of bullying:

    When a student is being bullied or victimized and is exposed repeatedly over time to negative actions on the part of one or more students.

    Bullying implies an imbalance in power or strength. The student who is bullied has difficulty defending himself/herself.

    Bullying can be direct or indirect.

    Direct Bullying can be:

    (1) Physical - (hitting, kicking, shoving or spitting).

    (2) Verbal - (taunting, teasing, racial slurs, verbal sexual harassment).

    (3) Non-Verbal - (threatening, obscene gestures).

    Indirect Bullying can be:

    (1) Physical - (getting another person to assult someone).

    (2) Verbal - (spreading rumors).

    (3) Non-Verbal - (deliberate exclusion from a group or activity).

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