Sorry, French Club no longer exists; thanks for your support.  Thank you French Club students and French Class students! 

    French Club sign-up for 2017 - 2018 will begin soon.

       Students also went on a Gateway Clipper French Cruise May 25; they ate Poulet Cordon Bleu for the main entrée. They also ate a wide variety of French desserts. They participated in a scavenger hunt searching for a list of items written in French such as une chaussette (sock), une photo de leur (their) professeur, l'année de la Révoluton Française. An entertainer similar to street performers found at the Pompidou Center in Paris performed for the group. A half hour before docking, the Clipper ship became a dance floor, and the group danced onboard the ship.  The Clipper company and First Class Entertainment also gave all teachers a CD of current French rock music.

    Elected 2016 - 2017 officers:  

    President - Celeste Belcher

    Vice-President - Amanda Dolekary

    Secretary - Nicole Walter

    Treasurer - Gwendolyn Delancy

     Upcoming Events


    • Gateway Clipper French Cruise - May 2017
    • Carnegie Mellon Trip to see The Three Musketeers is being planned for April 2017

    Congratulations to Gwendolyn Delancy and Amanda Dolekary who will represent French Club on the School Improvement and Planning Team!






       Foreign language helps students to develop linguistic proficiency and cultural sensitivity.  French classes weave language and culture to broaden communication skills and to develop an appreciation of other cultures.

       All students have the same opportunities to acquire language proficiency equal to their individual abilities.  French classes use a variety of learning styles that allow students to think critically and take risks as learners.

       Activities use authentic language in a structure format and then again creatively.

       There are three cores to French:  functional expressions, designed activities, and controlled practice.

       Cultural information is also woven into many activities.

       Reading strategies included pre-reading and post-reading tasks to understand authentic French documents.


    • video clips
    • movies
    • situation cards
    • communicative activities
    • listening activities
    • realia
    • student response forms
    • quizzes
    • games
    • tests
    • speaking tests 
    • software programs
    • textbook
    • songs

       Visual, tactile, auditory, and kinesthetic learners are all accommodated.

       Numerous tasks blend math, geography, health, science, history, and language arts into language study.  Students compare/contrast their language and culture to that of the target language.  Interaction with family members and neighbors is encouraged.

       Cooperative learning is used.  TPR techniques practice structures and vocabulary.  The classroom may be modified for various concepts.


       Grades are based on homework, in-class work, tests, quizzes, projects, journals, portfolios, electronic work, and participation.


    • pen
    • pencil
    • three-ring binder for French ONLY




       If a student is absent from class the day an assignment is due but he/she comes to school later that same day, the assignment is still due.  If a student is in school but leaves school early the day an assignment is due, the assignment is still due that day.   If a student is not in school all day, the assignment is due on the first day he/she returns to school.  Permission to make up missed work forms must be submitted in order to make up any missed work when a student is absent for a full day or more.




       All electronic devices of any kind or sort are not permitted to be used in the classroom.  Students may put their cell phones and other devices in a basket at the start of the class period to avoid the temptation to use them.  If a student chooses to not put his/her electronic device in the basket at the start of the class period and he/she is caught using it, proper procedure and school policy actions will be taken accordingly.  I will follow the Berlin Brothersvalley School District policy for Discipline regarding electronic devices.



       Students can receive detention from teachers for committing a Level I Behavior.  I will follow the District's discipline policy.  If students fail to follow school policies regarding behavior, disruption of class, or other violations regarding their behavior toward their peers, disciplinary action will be taken.




       I can be reached by email or by phone:  dorendorf@bbsd.com; 814.267.4622




    At the beginning of the school year, students will receive a Course Agreement that covers cheating, plagiarism, fraud, and deception regarding any academic work and the consequences of those actions.  The agreement requires both the parent/guardian's and the child's signatures.  Signing the agreement indicates that both the parent/guardian and the child realize the consequences of such actions.