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    Welcome newly inducted NJHS members!

    Activities for 2023-2024

    September - Induction Ceremony, 

    October - Handing out Fun Pops for grades K - 8

    October - Welcomed new students to grades 7 and 8

    November - Organized Welcome Table for Teacher/Parent Conferences 

    December - Rallied for Somerset County Humane Society accepting donations and donating several doghouses for the society

    January - 

    February - Ice Cream Social

    March - Coloring Contest

    April - PSSA Scavenger Hunt

    May - Teacher Appreciation Week

    Activities for 2022-2023

    September - Fall Induction Ceremony

    September - Welcomed new seventh and eighth grade students to BBMS

    October - Held a 5K to raise money for the Somerset County Humane Society and for the American Red Cross

    October - Recognized building principal, Mr. Mudry; NASSP designated October as Celebrate Your Building Principal month; NJHS decorated the cafeteria and presented a plaque to Mr. Mudry; officers also gave him a Norvelt Golf Club gift certificate.

    October - Decorated Assistant Coach Paul's door as the football team enters play-offs.

    November - Began a mentoring program with the third and fourth grade students with members working with the younger students

    November - Set up and manned a welcome table to greet parents as they arrived for conferences November 15 and 17

    We received a Thank You card from the Humane Society thanking NJHS for the 5K Donation Fundraising!

    December - Held a collection drive for Meadow View collecting non-slip socks, blankets, lotion, and shampoo and also Christmas cards (Chrismas Kindness - filled 70 bags for residents)

    January - held Christmas Elf activity

    January - announced NJHS Outstanding Student Achievement award application opening for student members to apply for the $500 scholarship money

    February - held an ice cream social - made ice cream sundaes, danced, talked

    March - Thank you cards from grades 7 and 8 students! sent to anyone in the school - delivered

    April - held a Fun Day before Easter vacation; gave out Smarties before PSSA testing

    May - Congratulations to Colton Custer who has been named an NJHS Outstanding Achievement Recipient for 2023!  NASSP (National Association for Secondary School Principals) and NJHS sponsor this recognition.

    May - Offered Teachers bakery treats for Teacher Appreciation Week

    May - donated money for the 5K Color Walk/Run to help pay for the Kona Ice truck to serve Shaved Ice cones to all students

    Gave certificates to recognize all NJHS members in good standing; gave other NJHS awards also

    May - sent out eligibility letters to possible inductees in fall; sent out dismissal letters and warning letters also

    May - held 2023-24 officer election; congratulations to newly elected officers for 2023-24!

    Bryn Prosser - president

    Vesper Ogburn - vice-president

    Franklin Cooper - secretary

    Bena Barna - treasurer

    Reporters -  Isaac Dowdy

                         Allyson VanGilder

                         Kaitlynn Emerick

                         Samantha Walker

                         Ila Ebersole

    Congratulations to newly-elected NJHS officers for 2022-2023:

    President - Coral Prosser

    Vice-president - Cayley Poorbaugh

    Secretary - Alexis Foor

    Treasurer - Elena Ritchey

    Reporters:  Adalynn Knopsnyder, Isabelle Wilkie, Rory Auman, and Colton Custer

    Activities for 2021-22:

    Congratulations to Madison Visinsky who has been named an NJHS Outstanding Achievement Recipient for 2022!  NASSP (National Association for Secondary School Principals) and NJHS sponsor this recognition.

    Induction ceremony September 29

    Displayed raising awareness for homeless school-age students in Somerset County

    Carried groceries for customers at Berlin Market and collecting donations for the Backpack Program

    Established a tutoring program for grades 7 and 8

    Held a Toys for Tots Toy Collection Drive.  Congratulations to Mrs. Kush's third class for collecting the most toys in the elementary school; also, congratulations to Miss Orendorf's 7th grade homeroom for collecting the most toys in the middle school!  Both classes received ice cream sandwiches.

    Created a New Student Orientation welcoming new students with gift bags

    Held a fundraiser selling pies, pepperoni rolls and pumpkin rolls from the Pie Shoppe

    Displayed a Communication Skills Posters on bulletin board

    Sent Thinking of you card to show support for the exchange student as her country fights

    Cleaned up schools' grounds to get ready for Spring

    Made bunnies out of washcloths for Meadowview

    Offered light refreshments to teachers marking Teacher Appreciation Week

    Recognized our Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient at the Awards Day Assembly 

    Presented NJHS members with certificates for their work this school year

    Held 2022-23 officer elections

    Placed memorial benches on school campus

    Offered teachers baker treats for Teacher Appreciation Week

    Wrapped up year with letters sent to those students eligible for NJHS inductions in fall 2022


    The 2021-2022 fall NJHS Induction Ceremony was held September 29 at 6:30 in the high school auditorium.

    Congratulations to the newly-elected NJHS officers:  President, Elsie Barna; Vice-president, Sydney Walker; Secretary, Madison Visinsky; and Treasurer, Kiley Seaman!

    Congratulations to all newly-inducted NJHS members!  Thank you, officers for your help in the ceremony!  Welcome new members!


    We are excited to co-advise NJHS!  Both of us enjoy working with middle school students, and we want this year to be a productive year for members!  NJHS embodies Citizenship, Leadership, Character, Service, and Character.  All current NJHS members have shown these traits!  We look forward to a great year!

    Susan Straight

    Debra Orendorf


    Congratulations, NJHS Members!

    Congratulations NJHS members!  You worked hard, gave something to this school and its students, and have helped this community!

    NJHS members have recorded 571 hours of Community Service!  Aas of May 2022, members have reported 1,216 hours and 53 minutes of Community Service, and as of May 2023, members have recorded 969 hour of Community Service.

    Hours Recorded:

       2021     571 hours

       + 2022     670 hours 53 minutes

       + 2023       985


                 2,217 hours 13 minutes

    NJHS Members earning top honors for Community Service in 2023:

    Grade 7 Jaceson Visinsky - 81 hours

    Grade 8 Coral Prosser - 79 hours