• Thursday, March 19th, 2020

    Hopefully you are all enjoying our forced “spring break”. More importantly, I hope we will all be meeting in our regular classrooms within a week or so.

    However, just in case things don’t go as we all are hoping, we are planning to get set up for “distance learning”. That is the purpose of this letter.

    I will be able to accommodate those of you who do have internet access as well as those who do not have access to the internet. If you know a friend without internet access, please communicate this message to them.

    If you do not have access, I will be providing you a packet designed to be the “homebound” version of a week of class. How you will go about getting these packets and returning the completed activities is yet to be determined. But, I would expect a “Dr. Reeder robo-call phone message” explaining what to do if we need to go that route.

    For those of you with internet access, I will be doing several thing to make this easier for all of us. The things that I can immediately think of are as follows:

    1. Set up a Google Classroom for all of us depending on the class in which I have you, as well as:
    2. Setting up Khan Acadamy classrooms for us, again dependant on the class in which I have you.
    3. Sharing with you the “access code” to join the appropriate Khan acadamy classroom.
    4. Send you the notes and Powerpoints that I traditionally use in our classroom, and hopefully enough review activities to stop us from falling too far behind.
    5. I will be available to answer your questions via my teacher email and the Google classroom. Unfortunately, as I mentioned in class, sometimes our phone / internet service in Quemahoming township (where I live) is sketchy at best. We will just hope for the best regarding this potential issue.
    6. Provide you with the times I will be available to address your questions.
    7. At this time, I do not have any idea how I / we will address graded quizzes / tests (hopefully, we are back before that point).

    What I will be expecting from you is that:

    1. You actually do make an honest effort to read the supplied notes and Powerpoints that I will send you.
    2. You do your best to complete the review activities.
    3. If necessary, you will put an honest effort forth to view / understand the Khan Academy videos so you can then complete the review activities.
    4. You do your best to complete the review activities.
    5. You try your best to help yourself, others, and yes… even me; since we are all learning this process a we go.

    Your Khan academy access code will be sent to you once available.

    Good luck to all of us,

    Mr. E Cooper