• Student Handbook

    Read the discipline section in the handbook. This board-approved policy applies to all students in the Berlin Brothersvalley School District.


    Classroom Economy

    In addition to the district-wide policy, 5th grade participates in the Classroom Economy Program. Students learn how to budget, how to save more than they spend, and how to resist impulse buying. They learn skills to be smart with their money. Each student is assigned to a classroom job and earns a “paycheck” for completing the job. Students must use their money to pay rent on their desk or buy it. There are many opportunities for students to earn “bonus money” based on grades and positive academic behaviors. Students receive “fines” when they do not demonstrate positive academic behaviors. At the end of each month, students will participate in an auction where they can use the money that they have earned.


    Missing Homework Stamp

    Students who do not complete homework will receive a “missing homework” stamp in their agendas. The stamp will be placed over the missing homework assignment.