• 4th Grade

    ½ sheets –

    Half sheets are a fact focus students have worked on daily since second grade.  The ½ sheets are 40 facts timed for a completion within 60 seconds.  Students are permitted to miss a maximum of two problems.  Once the half sheet is completed correctly, with no more than two errors, the student will move onto the next level of ½ sheet.


    In fourth grade, students will move on from the level they last completed in third grade. Students on addition/subtraction facts will continue on to the next level, or move on to level N.  Students on multiplication facts will continue on to the next level, or move on to level G.  All students further than multiplication G (including students on division facts, or those students that have completed all the ½ sheets) will restart on multiplication G.  Fourth grade standards focus greatly on complete mastery of basic multiplication and division facts.  Restarting on level G (multiplication) will be a nice refresher and will help keep students’ fact mastery strong.  Once all ½ sheets are completed, students will move on to 100 multiplication facts completed correctly within five minutes, and then on to 100 division facts completed correctly within five minutes.


    Fact Quizzes –

    Fourth graders will begin with quick review of basic addition, and then basic subtraction facts, and afterwards moving on to multiplication, and later division, facts.  Each Friday will be 25 fact GRADED quiz on these weekly fact focuses.  Students should be able to accurately complete the 25 facts within three minutes.  Students will have opportunities during math class to practice these facts.  However, students are strongly encouraged to practice their facts each evening for approximately 3-5 minutes. A stapled packet with a cover letter and monthly calendars was sent home with each fact quiz marked. Please refer to the provided packet, and student agenda, for the fact focus and upcoming quiz.


    Vocabulary –

    Students will have a vocabulary word ring to keep in their zipper bags, within their math folders.  They will receive a master sheet of all the vocabulary words to know at the start of the unit, in addition to the vocabulary word cards that will be handed out once the word has been introduced in class.  Students will have a graded vocabulary quiz at the end of each unit, before the unit assessment.  Any vocabulary word introduced, can be quizzed within a later unit (several words will reappear in later units).  All vocabulary words should remain on the vocabulary ring, to be reviewed and remembered throughout the school year.


    Home Link –

    There are Home Links for each math lesson.  Some Home Links may be shortened, or their directions changed.  At times, there will be a reduction of problems to complete.  Students will be responsible for completing the entire Home Link (according to provided directions). 


    Homework –

    Any homework assigned will be written in students’ agendas.  If homework is not completed, or returned, students will spend time during recess completing the assignment.  Three consecutive missed homeworks will result in a loss of mountaineer.


    Guided Math

    Students will participate in flexible guided math groups based on needs and strengths from a compilation of data collected from observations, formative, and summative assessments.  Groups will meet every week and engage in activities, extra practices, games, written response and prompts, and extension/enrichments tasks. 


    Guided Math Stations

    Guided Math Stations are specifically planned and selected skill-based activities and tasks that students work collaboratively, or independently, to demonstrate an understanding and conceptual mastery.  The activities and tasks are a variety of math topics in addition to the current topic students are learning.






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