• English/Language Arts (ELA)

    The reading series that we use in fifth grade is Journeys by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.  It is a complete ELA curriculum that is fully aligned with the state standards for Pennsylvania.  The program is divided into 30 lessons that have listening comprehension, reading skills and strategies, reading craft and structure, fluency, decoding, spelling, grammar, and writing components.

    A vital resource for teachers, students, and parents is the online website.  Your child has received a user account and password.  All materials can be accessed from home.  By typing in a story title, a story can be reread and reviewed at home.  Spelling words, vocabulary words, all workbook pages, stories from the reading book, stories from small groups, and many other resources are available online.  Please explore the website!  Your child will never forget their homework again.  It's all available online.  

    The website can be accessed through the link below.  It is important that the state, school district name, and school name are entered in to the login screen.  The website will not allow access without it.


    If your child missed a day or is struggling with a concept, I have also created a document that shows every resource that we used during the school day on my lesson plan calendar that is found on my teacher page on the district website.


    Students will have FOUR Tic-Tac-Toe spelling activities to do for homework to help them learn their spelling words that go along with each story.  These activities will be due on the day of the spelling test.  In addition to the Journeys program, students are asked to read 20 minutes per day at home.

    Please check your student's agenda regularly.  That is where homework assignments and test dates are communicated.