• In Our Classroom...

    ...eyes are watching.

    ...ears are listening.

    ...heads are thinking.

    ...mouths are closed.

    ...hands are still.

    ...feet are quiet.

    ...hearts are caring

         If we follow the classroom do's, we are sure to have a wonderful year!

         Our classroom will use a clip chart to monitor behavior. A clip chart is a great tool that allows students to be rewarded for positive behavior, while discouraging negative behavior.

          Each student has a clothespin, or clip, with his or her name on it. Clips can be moved up and down throughout the day based on behavior.

          The following colors, or levels, will be used in my class:

    Blue = Outstanding

    • This level is reserved for outstanding behavior. Student will earn 4 warm fuzzies.

    Purple = Great Job

    • This level is for students who continue to exhibit good behavior throughout the day. Student will earn 3 warm fuzzies.

    White = Good Day

    • Students will move to this level for showing that they are making the right behavior decisions. Student will earn 2 warm fuzzies.

    Green = ready to learn

    • Each student will start the day on green. You could end on green if you move up and down throughout the day. Student will earn 1 warm fuzzies.

    Yellow = think about it

    • This is a reminder to follow the rules. It is a warning about his/her behavior. Student will lose 1 warm fuzzies.

    Orange = teacher’s choice

    • Students who continue to display poor behavior could land on orange. Here, the teacher can decide what action to take. Loss of some recess time, break time, or center time might be an appropriate choice. Loss of center time means that the student will complete their work at their desk. They are not losing instructional time, just the opportunity to sit with their group. Student will lose 2 warm fuzzies.

    Red = parent contact

    • When a student lands here, the teacher will notify parents via note or phone call. A visit to the principal’s office might also be in order. Students on this level will lose additional recess time or center time. Student will lose 3 warm fuzzies.
    • If a student makes a choice that is disrespectful to another child or adult or purposefully harms another child or adult, they will lose all of their recess and 4 warm fuzzies. This would also result with a parent phone call and a meeting with the guidance couselor or principal.

    Warm Fuzzies:

    - Students will earn or lose warm fuzzies for behavior in the classroom. These warm fuzzies can be traded in for rewards.