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    I.  Food, Nutrition and You

    A.  Food and Health

    B.  Influences on Food Choices

    C.  Food and Culture

    D.  Food, Science and Technology

    E.  Skills for Food Choices


    II. The Nutrients You Need

    A.  The Role of Nutrients

    B.  Carbohydrates, Fiber and Protein

    C.  Fats

    D.  Micronutrients

    E.  How Your Body Uses Food


    III. Guidelines for Good Nutrition

    A.  Dietary Guidelines

    B.  MyPlate

    C.  Seperating Fact from Fiction


    IV. Planning Daily Food Choices

    A.  Daily Meals and Snacks

    B.  Positive Food Habits

    C.  Eating Out

    D.  The Vegetarian Lifestyle


    V.  Food and Fitness

    A.  Maintaining  a Healthy Weight

    B.  Weight Management

    C.  Keeping Active

    D.  Nutrition for Sports and Fitness


    VI. Special Topics in Nutrition

    A.  Food and the Life Span

    B.  Managing Health Conditions

    C.  Eating Disorders