• Submitted by Mrs. Christine Fabyanic,

    High School Reading Competition Team Coach


    Spring 2019 Competition 

    We are looking forward to participating in the Spring High School Reading Competition to be held on - Tuesday, April 2, 2019 at Forest Hills School District. Sign ups will be held in the Spring upon return to school in early January to join the Spring team!

                                                      reading competition

    Team Member Requirements & Information:

    1. Each team member MUST read 5 - 7 books (or more) in the Fall, re-read/review those books closer to the competition date, and review the printed quizzes/summaries!

    2. We will meet to periodically review who read what and plan to cover all our bases in January, February, and March.

    3. We will then meet prior to the competition to practice and to determine spokespersons in March/April

    4. The Tuesday of the competition students are dismissed @ 1:00 pm, depending upon the travel time for dinner and arrival at the competition site before the competition's 4:30 start.

    5. We travel with the Middle School Competition Team, as they compete the same evening against other Middle School teams. Three rounds of competition are held, with two teams competing against one another during each round. Points are tallied and cutoffs announced for any ribbon placements. An awards ceremony is then held to award the school teams who placed at the Third, Second, and First Place levels. Students then board their buses for return to their home school districts. 


    Our Berlin HS Reading Competition Team members continue to represent BBSD well and enjoy meeting students from other area school districts participating in this event! Despite the competition and stress of questions being "fired" at them about 30 books, the students rise to the challenge and have a great time!


    Are you ready to have a good time reading? YES?! Then join our ranks for the Fall Reading Competition!

    Dog-gone good time!     

    Here is the listing for the books on the Spring High School Interscholastic Reading Competition Book List:

    Book                                                                                  Author

    1. Homeless Bird                                                               Gloria Whelan

    2. Hope Was Here                                                             Joan Bauer

    3. Hunger Games                                                              Suzanne Collins

    4. Jason's Gold                                                                 Will Hobbs

    5. Life As We Knew It                                                        Susan Beth Pfeffer

    6. Lisa Bright and Dark                                                      John Neufeld

    7. Lock and Key                                                                Sarah Dessen

    8. Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Aspergers                     John Robison

    9. March Toward Thunder                                                  Joseph Bruchac

    10. Martian Chronicles                                                       Ray Bradbury

    11. Member of the Wedding - Novel                                    Carson McCullers

    12. Messenger                                                                  Lois Lowry

    13. Metamorphosis                                                           Franz Kafka

    14. Miracle's Boys                                                             Jacqueline Woodson

    15. My Mother's Secret                                                      J.L. Witterick

    16. One Came Home                                                         Amy Timberlake

    17. One for the Murphys                                                    Lynda Mullaly Hunt

    18. Our Only May Amelia                                                   Jennifer I. Holm

    19. Peeled                                                                        Joan Bauer

    20. Red Midnight                                                              Ben Mikaelsen

    21. Rose Under Fire                                                          Elizabeth Wein

    22. Shift                                                                          Jennifer Bradbury

    23. Soldier Boys                                                               Dean Hughes

    24. Story of My Life: an Afgan Girl on the Other Side of the Sky           Faran Ahmedi

    25. Sun Also Rises                                                            Ernest Hemiingway

    26. Tuesdays with Morrie                                                  Mitch Albom

    27. Turnabout                                                                  Margaret Petersoen Haddix

    28. Under the Blood Red Sun                                            Graham Salisbury

    29. Upstairs Room                                                           Johanna Reiss

    30. Wake Up Missing                                                        Kate Messner



    Here is what you need to do:   

         *Sign up with Mrs. Meehan in the Learning Hub (HS Library).

    In the back room in the HS Library:   

         *Take the book listing.     

                                            Sign up

          *Choose book(s) to read, sign your name by it on charts up on back of shelf across from the back room door, and then sign it out of the Library.  

            (The ideal is to have 2 to 3 people reading each book, so that one person doesn't have to remember EVERYTHING!)  

                                                                                                                                                                                       Fill out permission slip                                                                                                                                                                                          

          *READ, remember what you read, and ENJOY!       Reading

             (I am not requiring you to take notes or write questions, but if those kinds of things help you to remember, don't hesitate!)


          *You can touch base with Mrs. Fabyanic (@ 8:05 - 8:20 a.m.) in her room any morning.

             (E014 - Elementary Building, 3rd/4th grade hallway, pass the gym and elevator, down the steps, and I am the third room on the left side!)      


          *We will have after-school practices in late October and beginning November to review the competition format, decide on a captain for each round, and to

           check that all books have been read and not read. I will distribute any located summaries/quizzes that are posted on line to help team members review for




    I would love to see YOU on our fantastic BBHS Reading Competition Team!


    Mrs. Fabyanic