Covid Information Graphic

COVID Information Graphic

We returned to in person instruction on Monday, January 4. We understand that exposures to the COVID virus are inevitable and more than likely will continue to occur in our community. In order for the school district to remain in person, it is critical that individuals and families pay close attention to any exposures and monitor any health issues. Schools are under strict guidelines regarding the number of COVID cases which require facilities to be closed.

Each of us is responsible for keeping the district open for in person instruction. Do not send your child to school if they are ill or have been exposed to someone who has tested positive. We are under a mandate for students and staff to wear face coverings on the bus, in school and for extracurricular activities. Please make sure that you are in compliance with this mandate. Our district website provides information on COVID protocols and procedures for schools. Please access this site for information.

The mitigation that has worked for us so far includes:
1. Masks/Face Shields
2. Social Distancing
3. Washing hands 
4. Staying home when you have the virus, been exposed to someone who has the virus or have symptoms. 

We understand that most of us were taught to “fight through” symptoms and go to school. The transmission of the coronavirus and the new variant, which is apparently more contagious, requires us to think differently when it comes to symptoms.

If you have any questions regarding your situation, call Mrs. Ritchey, our School Nurse at 267 – 3941 or email her at for advice and instructions on your options regarding coming to school.

State Recommendations for Schools Following Identification of a Case(s) of COVID-19


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