• Classroom Management Plan:

    I like my classroom to be positive, happy, productive, and fun.  I like the students to be animated and involved in discussions.  I espcially want each and every child to reach his or her potential and make great strides.  To do that, some rules must be followed.  Here they are:

    1.  Treat others with respect.

    2.  Be involved with the learning.

    3.  Be responsible.

    4.  Have fun while you work hard.

    5.  Do the RIGHT THING even when no one is watching!!

    If a student breaks a classroom or district rule, I have a name chart on which they move their name to yellow for a warning.

    If that rule or another rule is broken again, their name is moved to red.  They will miss ten minutes of recess and will have a pink slip to take home to share with parents about what happened, and what rule was broken.  After three pink slips, students will lose a mountaineer.

    I follow the Mountaineer Handbook for guidelines for our Mountaineer Program.

     Homework Requirements:

    Homework will be listed each day in the daily agenda.  Students usually have a little reading to do, a llttle spelling, a little fluency, and a few vocabulary words to study.  I try not to burden anyone with too much homework. Please help your child to clean out his/her folder each evening.  It is a great way to congratulate your child on good work and show concern when they haven't done so well.  Unfortunately, too many students come to school without completing their homework.  I have decided that if a student does not complete his/her homework, they will receive a checkmark.  After three checkmarks, I will take away a Mountaineer.